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Eid al Adha 2019 Animal Sacrifice

Eid al Adha 2019 Animal Sacrifice

Eid al Adha Animal Sacrifice

Eid al Adha Animal Sacrifice: All the Muslims around the world are celebrating Eid al-Adha.

Dhu falls on the 10th day of the holy month of al-Hijjah, Eid is the "festival of sacrifice" and goes from Medina to Mecca with Haj travel.

This is the supreme act of faith, in honor of Allah, respecting Abraham's desire to kill his son Ismail.

The distressed Prophet asked Ismail what he should do and the boy advised him to follow the command. Satan tried to stop Abraham from cutting the boy's throats, but he rejected The prophet from stones, an act made by pilgrims on Hajj.

When Abraham placed blades on his son's neck on Mount Arafat, then the angel Gabriel asked him to stop going with him, he had already demonstrated his love for God. A goat was slaughtered in the hands of a boy.

Today, on the basis of the field, a single animal - or a sheep, cow or camel, is sacrificed in the memory of the story.

The Qur'an has quoted the Prophet Muhammad: "On the 10th day of Al-Hijjah, there is no better work than Allah shedding blood in the thought of Allah. That's why you should present it with a good feeling. "

The point of sacrifice is that man is going to kill some dear as a gift to God, as Abraham was ready to do, prepare to let the followers of Islam not prejudice with their memories or lose sight of their spiritual compass.

As Allah says in the Qur'an. "This is not their meat, nor their blood, which reaches God. This is their holiness which reaches God. "

The animal sacrificed is cut into thirds: one share is given to the poor, the other is given to friends and relatives and the last is kept near the family and is eaten.

Conducting this Sunnah (Islamic custom or sacred duty) can be controversial in practice, however, especially in relation to where it is run.

In Egypt, the governor's office of Cairo is currently working on preventing people from slaughtering people on the streets of the city on the basis of hygiene, fear of spreading disease through abandoned entrance and blood, and the meat itself is exhaust smoke or waste Being close to being tainted is happening.

City spokesman Khalid Mustafa described the sacrifice as "barbaric and unacceptable" because he presented a strict prohibition, in which private citizens or sellers were fined, who publicly paid 5,000 Egyptian pounds £ 218), killing the animals publicly above average monthly wages. According to The New Straits Times.

In the United Arab Emirates, slaughter should be done on recognized public slaughterhouses. Otherwise, there is a penalty of 5,000 Emirates Dirham (£ 1,060).

In other places, cities like Chittagong of Bangladesh have kept the temporary areas separate, where the sacrifices can be made under the rules and regulations, to ensure that 5,000 cleaners are employed so that the zones remain sanitary.

In India, another complicated factor in the killing of cattle for Eid is a serious crime for Hindus, for which the cow is a sacred animal. States such as Jharkhand have issued orders to all deputy police commissioners to intervene in order to prevent the killing of cows in their districts.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization gives strict guidelines on the slaughter of animals, by emphasizing it should be taken to slaughterhouses, which should be "located away from the residential areas" and "a well-planned, well executed Controlled cleanliness and cleanliness program.

Not all Muslims agree with the need to sacrifice. Vegetarian Muslim Initiative, for one, the campaign against the practice, co-founder Samar Hakeem described it as "highly irresponsible"

However, for the majority, the act is an important annual statement of the tradition of dating back to the person's belief in Allah and the prophets who should be honored.

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